Thursday, August 9, 2012

My mom came to visit a couple weeks ago and it went by way too fast. I had so much planned (way too much planned) and I had to cut back all that I wanted to do while she was here.
My dilemma was this: do I let the kids have all the time with Mom so I can get some much needed projects done, or do we play the whole time and go do all the things that are easier to do with another set of hands?
Of course I decided to do a little bit of both. I had wanted to take Aspen downtown to see a statue of Sacagawea (we had been learning about her) and stop by the capitol while we were there, so that was one of the fun things we did.
The kids thought it was pretty cool, especially the statue of George Washington on his horse that appeared to be covered in gold leaf.

I was so grateful to have Mom's help and company. The week went by way too fast and the kids and I enjoyed every minute with her! Thanks Mom!

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