Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last week I watched my friend Josie's little girl, Laura.  Laura is a beautiful little thing and it was so fun having her over.  The kids really enjoyed every minute they got to play with her, and so did I. 

By the end of the day Oakley was talking about Lorla this and Lorla that.  In his own way of course :) 

Anyway that afternoon Eric came home from work a little early to hang out with the kids and I before he went to watch the BYU/BSU game downtown.  We were all upstairs, the kids playing with Eric in our room, Laura wandering about.  I was putting away some laundry and thinking to myself how blessed I am.  My beautiful kids playing with their wonderful dad, a cooler September evening, and Laura wandering around our cozy home feeling comfortable to peek into our bedrooms.  

I love moments like that :)

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