Tuesday, November 6, 2012

 The Boise temple has been closed for renovations for the last year or so.  Before it is rededicated it is open for the public to tour.  We took the kids so they could check it out and it was a great day for us.  It was so special to be inside the temple with Aspen and Oakley, and ever since we went Oakley likes to talk about the "tempo".
 In a couple years we will be getting another temple here in Meridian, which means we'll be able to take the kids through that one before it's dedicated, too.  Can't wait!
 We bought this Halloween costume for Aspen several years ago at Costco for $10.  I'm so crazy about it; it's basically a child's sumo suit covered in an elephant costume.  Aspen wore it for 2 years in a row and Oakley wore it this year.  It was the best $10 we ever spent!
Aspen was a cat this year, which I loved because it was the easiest costume ever :)  Aspen and I had some one-on-one time trick or treating and it was fun to check out all the scary decorations on the houses together.  She got quite a stash this year and we had a great time.

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Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

I still love the elephant costume! Do you still have that funny video of Aspen in it? And I love the picture of Oakley and Aspen holding hands.