Thursday, March 6, 2014

Aspen has been begging me to cut her hair for some time now. I was hoping she would give up and forget about it, but that wasn't the case. I finally gave in, after all it is her hair, which is what I keep telling myself. I cut off about 8 inches. Afterward I thought it actually looked kind of cute.....
Then we got in the car to head for school. I turned around to look at her and was startled. I think Aspen is a beautiful girl, but for a moment the thought went through my head, she looks like a Hansen boy! 
What have I done???
Things have gotten better since then, I just make sure to fix her hair instead of leave it down!
Oakley and I made a train out of his blocks, which was his idea and a pretty creative one too. He made this engine one day while he was in his room for quiet time. I was really impressed! He is so good at using his imagination.
Birch has been going through an I hate the bath phase, so I put him back in his little tub and that did wonders. I think he feels more secure in it. He is very curious and will grab things he wants really quickly, so I have to watch him closely. He still isn't crawling but sooo close! And he loves rolling over from his back to front, which is a new development ;)
Aspen's school is having reading week, so today she dressed up as a ballerina (nonfiction day),
and yesterday she was Rapunzel (fairytale day). Tomorrow is adventure day...I wonder what she'll want to be? Btw, Aspen thinks that the word bald is pronounced balbed. She does not for a second think she is incorrect on this, regardless of what I say!
Oaks and I took a stroll around the block today while Birch was napping. We have had a lovely Spring weather week, rain and all. I am so eager for the blossoms to start popping I can hardly wait!


ellen said...

i love her hair! did she donate it?

Chelsi Ritter said...

no, i heard you need to have 12 inches to donate? i wasn't ready to go that short :)