Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well we are on fish number three, just got him yesterday. Aspen picked him out, and then talked Oakley into naming him Purpey, since he's purple. Definitely a pretty fish! I think it's really helped Aspen to forgive me after last week. I felt so horrible I didn't mind forking out the $13 for Purpey. I didn't know beta could cost that much!
Last Tuesday morning I got up early and went downstairs to find our blessed fish Funny Junior floating vertical in his bowl. My heart started to pound and I started saying "no no no no" over and over again. I had bought a new purifier for his bowl a few days before, and didn't realize it may not be the right stuff until I got home. But he had ended up being fine. So I'm guessing that was it but I don't know for sure.
Anyway I looked really closely and Junior still had a twitching fin so I knew there was still a chance to save him!
I bagged my plan to workout and headed to Walgreens but it wasn't open yet so I headed to Fred Meyer, tears running down my face. Poor Junior, suffering all night! Was all I could think about.
By the time I got home he was gone; it was terrible. Aspen and I had a good cry later. Oakley, ever so positive, started talking about how he was going to get Aspen a fish for Christmas. 
Good old Junior, such a good little fish, we will miss you!
How can I own a dog when I get so teared up about losing a fish??

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