Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We had a huge stroller box in our living room once, for two years. Occasionally I would transport it upstairs to keep it interesting, but most of the time it was visible in our main living area. Every time I tried to recycle it the kids would beg me to keep it, and I always gave in. After all, it served as a canvas for marker art, a castle, a cave, a house, etc. but eventually it gave up the ghost and out the door it went.
 A few months ago we bought a bistro table and chairs and haven't let go of the box it came in yet. Birch thinks it's the best thing, as you can see. Oakley has whipped up several pretend ice cream cones in it, but I will be sneaking it to the garage soon since it is literally falling apart and will soon be a health hazard to the kids.
To me few things are as rewarding as seeing my babies sleep at night. When I opened Birch's door last night his right leg was up high, resting on the side if his crib. Before I took this photo he had put it down, but I still couldn't resist.

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