Friday, October 17, 2014

We took a trip up to Cascade last week, just like we do every fall. And just like every time it was beautiful!

We ended up doing a four mile hike while we were there, which is the furthest the kids have ever gone, and they did wonderfully! Not a single complaint about being tired. It was great. Of course it helped Aspen that I told her an hour long story about a witch named Griselda. I told her a story about her while we were at the cabin a couple years ago and now she's a popular subject when we're up there.

Eric took the kids fishing one day but with no luck. Eric said he wanted the kids to catch a fish but that on the other hand he didn't want to have to clean one and cook it ;)
The cabin only has a shower so Birch bathed in this bug bucket that's up there. He's getting better about enjoying his bath time.
I remember when this aspen tree was much smaller; it has grown so much! The Aspen trees up there in the mountains are so vibrant; the whole feel reminded me so much of Boston.
Here I am with my precious baby boy. Birch was so good on the hike. He loved being on his daddy's shoulders. I think I look like my mom a lot in this picture. Happy fall!

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