Monday, March 9, 2015

I got rid of my Instagram and Pinterest apps. I was spending way too much time 
with them and not enough on the rest of my life. So I've got time now to continue blogging, which I love anyway, and have missed.
It has been so beautiful here. Yesterday evening we took the kids out on a walk and ran in to several of our neighbors and friends. I love how the warm weather draws people out of their homes after they've been hibernating in them during the winter months!
There is a new development across the street from us so we walked through the first house that's being built. I love that smell!  We were probably in it for a good fifteen minutes; the kids loved helping us figure out what each space was going to be.
We really needed to get out! I needed it. I've been sick with a bad cold the last few days and spent all weekend looking lovely in my p.j's, beautiful puffy, watery eyes and sneezing like it's going out of style. Sunshine! It hurt my eyes at first, until they adjusted. Just kidding.
Then we spent two hours sitting in church while our kids crawled all over us instead of sitting still like I'm just sure every other couples' kids did! I just want to apologize to everyone sitting behind us at church every week as soon as the first meeting is over. Maybe I should start bringing treats as a peace offering ;) Usually Eric and I give each other looks like, "Why? Why? Why??? Why do we  do this every week??" Well we do it because we know the Gospel is true. 
So yes it was good to be outside. I love my kids, by the way. ;)

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