Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Arches National Park

Just have to post some photos of my baby sleeping.  Because I can never post too many of those :)

Last weekend I had an amazing time at Arches National Park in eastern Utah with some gorgeous, wonderful people.
Who just happened to be my 2 awesome sisters, plus my lovely cousin who came all the way from Oregon.
Playing it cool on the hike to Tower Arch.
We weren't really supposed to be off the trail where we found this little alcove, but we snuck over there to explore.....shhh.......

The last time I made the trip I was pregnant with Birch, so its been a few years.  I think every time I come back its even more beautiful than I remembered, which is saying a lot!  Arches is one of my favorite places I've ever been.  "Majestic" is the best word I can think of to explain it.  I can't help but feel God's majesty when I'm there.  He feels so close.
Me and the sisters, Sasha and Demri.  Demri and Bethany had never been to Arches before, and Sasha had only barely scratched the surface.  So it was fun to see their reactions as we hiked the red rock.  Lots of "ooooohs" and "aaaaahs".  Just how I felt!
On our second day we hiked Tower Arch, which is the furthest trail you can hike in the park.  There were very few people on it, and we were alone most of the way.  It is quite a drive to get there so I was afraid it might be a mistake, but we made good time and it was definitely worth it!  We felt "off the beaten path" and it was everyone's favorite hike.
Bethany, the photographer, in action :)  I knew she was having a good time because she kept stopping to take pictures.  That was a great sign; I was hoping she would like it as much as I do.  I can't wait to see all her photos!
Stopping to enjoy the view at Tower Arch with Sasha.  And snack.
Smile girls!  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to spend time with these beautiful ladies.  So much wonderful conversations, reminisces about growing up in Oregon, cards and 80's music at night, years of catching up, laughing like crazy, the list goes on.  And yet not long enough!  We all agreed we needed one more day.

After Tower Arch we headed to Sand dune Arch, which is a large sand dune surrounded by red rock. This is the kids' favorite place to see when they come out, but I love it too.

Park Avenue, our last stop on our way out.  It was a sad moment, and none of us wanted to leave. Good thing there was a hot tub waiting for us to make saying goodbye a bit easier!  But not much.  It was a trip to remember.
Coming home I feel refreshed and energized to continue my role as Mommy to my kids.  Oakley, Birch and I have been playing with Oakley's train set and blocks the last two days.  Oakley designed this elevated track; his creativity always amazes me.

Here's to girls' trips!!


Amanda said...

It looks amazing! Your pictures make me want to visit there even more. And your boys are so adorable!

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh! The pics (and you ladies too!) are gorgeous! I want to go now! Looks like you had such a fun time!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Um, can we just go back right now? Ahhh, I loved every single minute of it! That was a trip for the books and yes, come visit!! :) Oh, I'd love it!

That's one precious sleeping baby you've got there too. :)

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

I loved your pictures! It was great reminiscing about our wonderful trip again!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...
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