Thursday, September 8, 2016

I've got so much to blog about I've been too overwhelmed to start.  But today I found some time to make it happen, which is a good thing.  My photos just keep piling up!!
In July I flew out to Portland and spent a weekend with Bethany.  It was so special and therapeutic to visit my roots and family I hadn't seen for so long.  It was wonderful to get so much time with Bethany!!  She and Josh were both excellent hosts and we had such a great talk about all the work they have done on the farmhouse.  The day I arrived I got a tour and Bethany and I spent a few hours walking around the farm property as the time just sped away.  I was able to see Aunt Jill, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Janet that day too; all wonderful times.
Saturday before we headed to the beach I took some time to walk around the property and take some photos.  I'm not able to post all my photos right now (computer/phone problems), but I took several and was able to think about all the memories I had made there.  
Bethany and I spent the day in Newport, exploring beaches, the Sylvia Beach hotel, candy shops, lighthouses and more.  My favorite part of the day was when we sat down at Nye Beach and just took in the sand, the sun, and great conversation.  I couldn't believe it was such a beautiful day; I enjoyed every minute.

Several years ago Eric, Aspen and I went to Newport for a visit.  We tried a restaurant there that we ended up really enjoying, Local Ocean Seafoods. Bethany and I went there for lunch, and I got the crab cakes.  Delicious!!

Before we left we stopped at Agate Beach, which used to be covered with agates.  Growing up we would go there to find the most original and colorful rocks.  When Bethany and I pulled up I didn't even recognize it!  Nothing but sand.  I guess that's what happens when visitors take away too many rocks from the beach.
When we left Newport we headed for Kevin and Janet's house.  Matt, Caleb and their spouses were there, Josh and the kids, and even Ian and Kaylene were there!  We had such a great time catching up and talking about our family history, something we are all interested in knowing more about.  Kevin brought out a memory book Grandmother had made him, and inside (among oodles of other treasures) was a picture of Sidney and Ann Ford.  I have been searching high and low for both of their ancestry, and to see a picture of them was really special.  A few weeks ago I sent a birth certificate request to Wales; I'm hoping the Ann (Jones) Ford Eric and I found online is our Ann.  I'll keep you posted!
On Sunday before heading up to Portland we chatted with Ian and Kaylene for a while at the farmhouse.  Kaylene is due to have a baby soon and Bethany and I had a great time talking pregnancy and babies with her. I'm so excited for her to be a mother!!

We headed to Daystar Drive for some reminiscing and exploring.  The trees along the drive up to our houses were so large I hardly recognized where we were, and the driveway seemed so much shorter than I remember.  Looking at the beautiful place where I grew up brought me a peaceful feeling instead of a sad one (which I had worried about), and we even got to go inside Bethany's old house. We also drove along Soap Creek Road....boy I grew up in an amazing place!
Then we met my old pal Sheri up in Portland for the afternoon, where we lunched and talked about the good ol' days.  Before I knew it it was time to hop on the plane and head home.  Thanks for a wonderful trip Bethany!
While I was in Oregon, Eric had taken the kids up to SilverCreek with his parents for a night in the tent trailer and some fun in the water.  SilverCreek isn't my favorite place in the world (call me a snob), so Eric teases me about it, and decided to take the kids up there while I was gone :)  Thanks honey.

Swimming in the hot springs


The day after I got back from Oregon Mom and her sister Joni came to town for the week.  We had so much fun playing with Nany.  We spent some down time together at home, which was really nice, but also got to the pool among other things.  Love you Mom!!
Eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans with the kids.  I think this is really fun; Oakley is usually a little timid when it comes to trying all the beans, but the rest of us are good at taking our chances we'll get a tootie-fruitie and not a dirty socks!
I walked around the house a while ago taking pictures of the yard.  I am really in love with it, and love it more all the time (except for the times you find me murmuring while pulling morning glory). The landscaper who designed the yard used to live in our ward, moved out, and is now back in her old house.  I had found a draft she made years ago mapping the plants in the yard but I knew it wasn't a final one, since some of the actual plants weren't matching up.  I asked Andrea if she would come over and help me finish identifying the plants, and counsel me on how to care for them. I'm so glad she came over!  I was taking notes like crazy and learned so much from her.  My to-do list is still long, but getting shorter by the week as I take on new yard projects.
Anyway here are some photos of the pretty plants and trees in the yard.

The view from the front door.  Some of these are a bit dark. 
 Roo came up and told me something funny as I was snapping these.
The view from the backyard looking out onto the green space.
 This is my view during breakfast.  Never gets old!
And from the living room.  The first month we lived here there was a thunderstorm one night, and the kids and I turned on the fireplace and watched the trees in the green space during the storm.  It was really special.  I'm itching for another storm.
Just when I thought we weren't getting any more visitors for the summer and I wouldn't have to clean my house for a awhile (haha), Dad texted that he and Lisa were driving home from a trip and could they stay with us on their way.  Of course I was so thrilled that they were coming!  I've never had a summer where my house looked so good! ;)
Their visit was super short but really wonderful.  Every one of my siblings and both of my parents came to stay with us this summer, which was a treat.
In August Eric and Pete did another bike race up in McCall, a 90 mile rode race called the 4 Summit Challenge.  Pete even shaved his legs for it!  I'm so glad Eric and his dad spend time together on their bikes and that they're so close.
 I saw this photo of Eric and my heart stopped for a minute.   Handsome husband!

Once a week or so Eric takes one of the kids out on a date.  I grew up doing this with my dad and it's something Eric and I decided to carry on.  Recently Birch wanted to go fishing, so he and his daddy went to the river and tried their luck.  No fish, but they did catch something sweet at the store afterward.
My kids will eat the weirdest things!  They won't go near a tomato, but they'll drink pickle juice straight from the jar or sneak a handful of salt when I'm not looking.  Here's O trying some lime juice in the toy room. Looks like he's not such a fan.
Here are a few of Oakley's "creations".  I really love the detail he put into the tops of these structures. They have a lot of dimension.  Oakley's kindergarten teacher asked parents to describe their kids in one sentence, and I wrote, "he likes to build."

 .....the kids and I at Settler's Park sharing Italian Ice.  Have you tried an Italian Ice?  It is awesomely amazing.  We sent this photo to Eric to say hi that morning.
This was the best part of our time at the park...other than the Italian Ice.  This boy's face on the tire swing and how sweet the kids were with him.
Our ward Relief Society had a class one night on girls' hairstyles.  Aspen really wanted to go, which took me by surprise because she HATES it when I fix her hair, but I thought it would be fun to go to together so we went. I've never been good at fixing Aspen's hair, which is why I was bummed when she wanted to cut it a few years ago.  My go-to hairstyle for her was a messy-bun type "design" (accent on the air quotes).  When we got there one of my friends asked me if I wanted to sit closer to the front of the room so I could see better (and hence everyone behind would be able to see what I was doing).  I just laughed and told her there was no way I was going anywhere close to the front. Looking at this picture of my attempt at doing Aspen's hair proves my point!!

Aspen played a lot with her friend Lauren over the summer.  Lauren's mom is giving Aspen piano lessons.  One day Lauren started showing us all her tumbling tricks, and then Aspen joined in.  We turned on some tunes and I took some video of the girls and even joined in by attempting a backbend, which I haven't done in years but was able to pull off.  Lauren knows her stuff!
Here are some photos from our trip up to the Sawtooths with our good friends the Howes. We stayed up by Redfish Lake like we did last year.  Every time I'm up there I fall more in love with it.  The night we arrived Eric and I took Oakley, Birch and Toby to the lake.

 The boys wanted to do a little fishing.  Check out how clear the water is!
 Love this picture of Toby.  So cute.

Brave boy!!
To prove I was there....
Eric taking it in.
Our tent.  First time we'd used it; we bought it not too long that will fit us all and give us a bit of room.  Loved it!
The next day we went on a hike.  We've decided not to carry Birch in our Kelty anymore, and his little legs just can't keep up with everyone yet.  He really just wanted to explore, so the two of us stayed behind and moseyed.  Eventually I came up with a game to get him to walk; I would pick a rock or tree up ahead and when we reached it I would tell him a story.  He liked it and we pretty much did that until everyone met up with us again.

We stayed for two nights, but because we hadn't planned ahead we had to stay at two different campsites.  Luckily Eric and Matt were able to pick up both tents and carry them down the campground to our second site.  We all had a good laugh about it.
Eric brought his hammock and the kids LOVED playing in it.  

These photos are out of order; these were taken on Saturday at the beach.  It was a gorgeous day and a nice way to end our trip.
I'm posting this photo below of Leslie and me because it makes me laugh.  Not sure why I chose this specific moment to ask Eric to snap a photo of us (we had both just taken a plunge underwater to show our awesomeness), but there you have it.  Next time I'll pull my hair back ;)
The night before, however, we went over to Redfish Lodge where they were having their "music in the park".  Its so fun to hang out near the lake and listen to local bands play while watching all the interesting people that are there.  We walked along the dock looking for minnows and checking
out the boats; the kids really wanted to paddle boat but we hadn't planned ahead :(  They were quite disappointed.  We'll have to make that happen next year.

We were all pretty zonked on the drive home the next day :)


Leslie said...

Such a fun summer of awesome adventures. Definitely putting the coast on my wish list:). And I love the picture of Toby looking back too😉

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Aw, I loved reading about all of these adventures! Such pretty places to camp and visit!
My two favorite parts were about you visiting the farm ;) and about you turning on your fireplace during the storm & enjoying it with the kids. Ahhh, it sounded wonderful! Those moments make the sweetest memories.
This post made me miss you like crazy! I loved seeing so many pics of your beautiful new home, and that you got to have family come visit so much. Can't wait to see your home and town in person one day.
Love you lots!

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