Thursday, February 2, 2017

I found these on the computer the other day.  Aspen playing on Photobooth with her pal Ashlyn.  I'm glad she has a friend that's as crazy as she is :)

We are blessed to get to work with the missionaries serving in our ward.  Here's Elders Hutchings (in hoodie) and Fuiava, right before Fuiava was transferred to a different area.  We get to meet with them each week and help them teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are searching for it.  I'm grateful for the spirit they bring into our home, and it is always sad when they have to leave the area and serve somewhere else.
 O asleep on the couch.
Birch's first ski trip with his dad, just the two of them.  It was a success!  Eric said he did really well and they both had a good time.  Maybe by next year we can all spend a day on the mountain without giving the kids much assistance.

A few weeks ago Aspen brought me a parfait she had made me.  Yogurt with fruit (snacks!) haha. Pretty funny.  At first I hesitated eating it but it was pretty good.
I've been suffering with a lot of headaches lately.  Its something I've struggled with my whole life, but the last two years they have grown immensely in intensity and frequency, as many as 3 weeks out of the month.  It's been a trying time, as the medication I've tried hasn't worked very well and I've tried to manage the side effects.  Once I get a headache, nothing works to get rid of it.  I'm currently taking hormone replacements not only for my thyroid but now my progesterone as well.  One of my good friends gave me a pill organizer for my birthday for all the medication I'm on, which is sort of a joke between us but really it is handy.  The progesterone is only knocking out about half of my headaches, which means I still get about 3 a week.  This day that Aspen made me the parfait I was laying in bed trying to get rid of one.  My next step is to see a headache specialist, which I didn't even know existed!  I'm praying and hoping that he can help me. It's been hard giving up some of the things I love because of this, and to fulfill all of my responsibilities in the way I want.
For Christmas Eric gave me a couples' trip with some good friends of ours to Sun Valley.  It was a fabulous trip!  We drove in on a Thursday night, and went to Thai for dinner followed by a drive around town. We drove by this beautiful yard, full of trees covered in lights.  We first thought it was some kind of commercial building, but it was actually a private residence.  Whoever lived there went all out on lighting their trees.  It was amazing.

We stayed in a condo right on Dollar Mountain.  Out our windows we would watch the lifts start up in the mornings and see people as they climbed on to ride to the top.  Pretty neat.
Our condo was through the snowy trail and to the right.
From the other side.
 Meanwhile, the kids were having a pirate-y time at Grammie's and Papa's.
Part of the gift Leslie and I received from Eric and Matt was a day at the spa.  Actually we each booked a massage at Zenergy Spa, which we found out was part of Zenergy Health Club.  Included with any 50 minute service at the spa was full access to the health club, which included fitness classes, a pool and hot tub, sauna, and gym.  It was an amazing deal.  We were in heaven!!!  Les and I started the day with a pilates class, then headed to the gym for a few hours.  After that we spent some time chatting in the sauna, then showered and headed to the spa for our massages.  We ended our day there by showering again and getting ready for the day (although it was 4:30 by then ;).

 The view from the pool, which we didn't have time to play in.  Next time.
 Feeling great at the end of the day.
 Meanwhile Eric and Matt spent the day on the slopes.  It was cold!
Check out that beard!  Sun Valley has some really steep runs.  It was a little intense for me when we skied there years ago.  But that didn't phase the guys; of course they loved that part of the mountain. They rode the gondola a few times too on their way up.  We picked up the guys on our way back to the condo and then enjoyed some homemade soup and bread that Leslie and I had made.  We had planned on heading to town for dessert, but decided to stay home and chat/play games instead.
The next day, our last day there, we drove to the Sun Valley resort to walk around.  It is so charming! Around the lodge is a sort of shopping village with a Swiss chalet vibe. Eric and I stayed there years ago when we found a killer ski/stay package, and I had forgotten how cute it was.  We explored and Eric and I reminisced a bit.
 We were there before the shops opened up, so we peeked a lot in the windows.

 Then we drove a ways out to Galena Lodge to snowshoe.

The lodge was really cool.  It was constructed from wood belonging to buildings in the area a long time ago when there was a mine there.  There was a shop inside that had the cutest, most unique jackets and hats.  It was fun looking around.  I ended up buying a hat there that I had seen somewhere else last month and regretted I didn't snatch up.  Small world!
The rest of these photos are from our snowshoe hike.  It was SO gorgeous!! I really had forgotten how beautiful the area was.  I can't wait to go back and explore more.

 Eric told us to look like we were stalking prey in the woods haha!

 we passed several yurts along the trail...

 The trail just got more and more beautiful.  We passed through a meadow and then around this one.
We caught a late lunch at the lodge (they have a great chef there; I got a meatloaf sandwich and Eric had curry), then stopped back at the condo for a dip in the hot tub before heading home.  Such a great trip and a great Christmas present.  And so fun to spend it with the Howes.
 The kids making a snowman while we were gone.
 We spent a day at the Discovery Center when we heard that Sue the T-Rex would be there.  Sue was great but there were lots of other fun things to do.

The boys last night.

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Demri Kuykendall said...

I love your pics from Sun Valley! Looks like you had such a great time. Love the Paraguay hat too ;)
Sorry about the headaches. I am so happy that you can go see a specialist. I will pray for you.
Love you and thanks for sharing!