Friday, June 9, 2017

Now that school is out I have some time to do some much needed catching up with my posting!  I can't believe so much time has passed since my last one.  I'm so glad its summer and for things to flow at a slower pace for a while. Oakley is still creating things all the time.  Here he is with a dino he created with his magformers.  Lately he's been making the most fun things with his legos; a skier, a three tiered airport with a cargo, two passenger planes and fighter jet, and dragons which you'll see photos of further in the post.

Eric snapped this of the boys one day after church.  As soon as we step into the library they head straight to the dinosaur section, and Eric and I never tire of reading them books about dinosaurs.  We are a dino loving family.  We told Oakley the other day that he needs to face that its something he'll never grow out of!
Birch had a preschool field trip to Great Harvest and then the dentist.  First though he got to go behind the scenes to see how bread is made and enjoy some delicious freshly made bread afterwards. Oakley got to go too for the second time, since he did this two years ago when he was in the same preschool.
Then the boys got to use dental tools and clean some toy dinosaur teeth, which was just the best. They had a lot of fun and Dr. Blair and his staff were so great with the kids.  We know Dr. Blair from church so that was fun too.

A few months ago I decided to take O to the hair salon to get a hair cut.  This was his first time since I always cut his hair.  It is never a pleasant ordeal for either of us because Oakley doesn't like having his hair cut, so I decided to give us both a break and hoped the salon atmosphere would change his attitude a bit.  Of course it did, he loved it, and no tears were shed!  Don't know why he can't enjoy his haircuts at home, but it was nice to have him enjoy the experience.  Lately he prefers to wear his hair in a fohawk because his two close friends from school wear theirs that way.  Pretty cute that he has a preference.
After 2 months of snow and ice and other things impeding my ability to pound the pavement, I was finally able to get out and run in the middle of February.  It was wonderful and I sure had missed it.  I drove out to Galileo (where the kids go to school; its a few miles north of our home and close to some farmland), parked the car and ran.  So therapeutic and just glorious!!
The boys had a friend over a while ago and the moment he walked in they started wrestling, which happens a lot at our house.  I took this photo to send to his mom so she could see they waisted no time getting down to what was important :)  Aspen's spunky little friend Audrey was here yesterday and I walked into the living room to find her having a go with the boys and one other of their friends.  I was so proud of her ha!
Aspen turned nine on February 20th.  Five of her friends came over (Lauren, Ashlyn, Bailey, Halley, Audrey) and we played some games, opened gifts, had sweets and then the girls wanted to go upstairs and play.
They mostly danced, but just had fun playing and being girls.  It was fun to watch every now and then when I could be discreet. Aspen has lots of talents, but most of all she is a very compassionate person, and she likes to try many different things.  She enjoys dancing, taking piano lessons and playing by ear (she most recently found Beauty and the Beast on the keys), jump rope group at school, going to any kind of play or show in a theatre, skiing, swimming, biking, and drawing to name a few.  The other day we were watching some of our friends' kids and she took all their orders for lunch, prepped their lunches, and served them, just for fun.  It was great!! :)
During the party Eric took the boys skiing.  They met up with some friends there and had a great time.  Eric's buddies Brando, Cody and Porter all taught ski lessons at Sundance with Eric when we were at BYU.
One more shot of the party.  Aspen and I had fun beforehand when we ran to Fred Meyer and picked out all the fun party decor we were going to use.
On the night of her actual birthday she wanted to go out for sushi so Eric and I took her out for a date night.  She is growing up too fast :(
We found this cute picture Roo had made one night when we went to tuck her in.  We are going to Hawaii in October so she must have had it on the brain.
We had this book growing up.  Ian especially liked it.  I saw it at the kids' school book fair and almost bought it but decided not to because I'd already bought too many books!  I sent this photo to Ian because I thought it a fun coincidence it was there, and he asked me why I hadn't bought it.  After a day of regret I went back to the fair and purchased it.  Aspen really loves it when I read it with her.
There's a Burger King close by that has a play area the kids can see from the street.  Eric has taken each of them there for a daddy date night.  I remember that on this night he took Birch he came home complaining of the food.  I wish there were restaurants with decent food that had play areas.  Seems like a no brainer to me.  We've got Chick-fil-a (sp?) here and that's about it.
As soon as the weather got nice the kids and I went to the park.  The kids played on the playground for a bit but then saw these stone pillars and of course the playground was then forgotten.
Eric and I went on a date one night and decided to walk up in the foothills.  I always love when we get to go on walks together because we open up and really get to talk.  It was a pretty evening, though a bit chilly.
B playing at Grammy's
 at Scentsy with his daddy
Aspen took these photos of Birch one day when they were hanging out together with my phone.....these are so cute; I was so happy she took them!  B always makes this face when he's skeptical about something.

I love all the time we get together.  Here's one last photo of him at Scentsy.
Sleeping photos
O complains of Birch's leg choking him at night haha!
The boys playing with Eric's good friend's little boy Jonah when they came for a visit from D.C.
One of O's creations
Some photos of our trip to the cabin over Spring Break.


In March I flew out to Utah to spend some time with Mom and the girls.  I always love seeing Eli and Ezra (of course!!), and had to smother them with hugs and kisses as soon as we got home from the airport.  
While we were together we went to a pottery shop and picked out a ceramic to paint.  It was great!  It was the perfect setting to chat and be creative, and we were there for as long as we wanted.  I chose a small bird (below).

 We grabbed some things for Demri's baby shower while I was there, which was fun because I couldn't make it to her actual shower.  Look at how cute Sasha's boys are!
We went and had lunch at the park one day, and went to a comedy club in the evening.  The weekend was way to short and so much fun!  Sasha and Demri were both pregnant so one evening we did facials/foot rubs and I was able to give them massages.  Sasha's had her baby (who I can't wait to meet next month) and Demri's due any day.
Oakley and I made it over to Annie's house a few times this spring while Birch was at preschool to take her dogs for a walk.  Sometimes we would just play fetch with them. Annie recently moved back into her rental just a few blocks away and its fun having her so close again.
Birch and Annie's boy Beckham at Scentsy.  Even though these boys are years apart, Birch really loves his cousin Beckham.  He takes such good care of him, and Beckham sure loves it too.
Roo with sock curlers in her hair.  I wish I'd known about this when I was a girl! So much better than the painful pink curlers I wore to bed at night.  Roo's hair looks so cute the day after she wears these to bed.....
As you can sort of see in this photo.  Easter morning.  I love Easter so much, more and more each year.  The promise of spring and new life really meant a lot after such an extreme winter, which brought even more meaning to the resurrection of Jesus Christ for me.  I'm so grateful for His sacrifice and resurrection, and know it is only through Him and what He has done for me, His grace, that I can live with God again.
Finding eggs at Papa and Grammy's.
Photos of Oakley's field trip to the MK Nature Center.  Eric got to go with him and took these pictures.  I love that Eric makes time to go on the kids' school field trips with them!  It makes them even more special for the kids.

Fohawk boys...though O's has drooped a bit ;/
O made this diorama for a homework project.
B checking out a storm from the back window.  I love May because the weather here is so unpredictable.  It can be 80 degrees one day, and 50 degrees and stormy the next.  It keeps things exciting and I like that.
Trying to get this boy to ride his bike!! He's not as into biking as his siblings were.  He is a really easy going, slower moving boy.  He's a real sweetheart.  I'm ready for him to be riding a bike....
My friend Brandi asked me if I'd like to take a community class with her and we chose a flower arranging class.  The cost was $35 for a one night, one hour class.  We didn't have a clue what to expect, and just hoped to go home with some sort of bouquet.  Our instructor kept passing out flower after flower, on and on, and gave us a great ceramic vase to put them all in.  There were only 10 students in class, so I'm not sure how our instructor afforded so many flowers!  But it was fantastic and a lot of fun.
The boys floating paper boats

After a few days I had to pull out some of the dead flowers from the arrangement I had made.  I went and grabbed some daphne from the yard and threw them into the vase and viola!  The bouquet that kept on giving.
From one of my runs one morning.  It was a bit warm, breezy, overcast and rainy. I just love our neighborhood entrance; so many pretty trees, and so green this time of year.
Birch had a playdate with his friend Isaac, and Isaac wanted to play frisbee.  How cute is this?
O decided he wanted to play soccer this year, and none of the other kids' parents volunteered to coach.  So Eric, who dislikes soccer, has never been on a team, etc, volunteered to coach his team, and again did a great job (he coached Aspen's team a few years ago).  I think he really likes coaching the kids' teams.  His dad always coached his sports teams and it meant a lot to him.
Ami took Aspen to see Sleeping Beauty (the musical) in Boise in May for her birthday.  She loves her time with her Grammy!
B field trip to police and fire station

playing in the cul-de-sac around the corner

Roo at the skate park before one of O's soccer games.

Me with my angels on Mother's Day.  I love my children so much!  They are so beautiful; I can't help but stare at their little faces all the time.  I don't understand people with children who don't believe in God.  Children's faces are the most majestic creations to me.
The kids with Beckham, who they love to pieces.
This is O's dragon.  I love how he built its nostrils and eyes.  Creative kid!  I told him he should design creations for Lego.
I came to B's preschool class one day before the end of the year to read one of his favorite books for his birthday celebration.  He loves preschool and his teacher Miss Nicole (who I should have taken a picture of), which is a relief because he struggled with going for a good part of the year.
I need to make a book for each of my kids, just with their sleeping photos
B's birthday celebration that we had when Eric's brother Danny was here with Aunt Shelby and cousin Ellie.  We had it a week before B's real bday.  It was actually a combined birthday party for Birch, Ami, Shelby and Ellie. Demri's birthday is also in May, and Ian and Lisa's Birthdays are at the end of April; add Mother's Day, and it is a busy, birthday filled time for our family.

O's last soccer game and his trophy.  The coolest thing I-9 sports could have given to the kids.
 At Grammy's 60th birthday party, with a new friend.
The B's
Took these at Pete and Ami's before Danny and Shelby left since we were doing a big family photo.

B got a zoo pass from my dad and Lisa for his birthday.  He and I popped over there one day for an hour and had a great time!

B's kindergarten graduation.  His teacher, Mrs. Cox, said he was imaginative and was always inventing new things in a creative way.
The best song they sang was a song with robot noises in the background.  All the kids moved like robots and Oakley's moves were quite amusing. He's on the far right, second row.
Meatballs for dinner :)
Oakley looks so much like my dad when he was little in the picture!  Minus the meatballs :)
One night when Eric came home from work he and Birch started wrestling.  Afterward Eric came in our room and we started chatting.  After 20 minutes I walked into the living room and found Birch asleep.  I guess Eric had worn him out!  Birch is such a special boy; I'm so grateful he's mine.  He brings so much joy to my life, every day.  He is so kind to other children and very easy going.  He has a cheerful countenance and is warm and affectionate.  I sure love him!
Helping Grammy and Papa prepare the boat for the cabin.
The morning of Birch's actual birthday he woke up saying "I'm four!  I don't have to run around before going to the bathroom anymore!  I don't have to wear pull-ups to bed anymore!  I'm four!" This birthday has been monumental for him.  All he wanted was a trip to a family fun center called Wahooz, so that's what he got from Eric and me.  He got this book from the Egglis....
and several fun gifts from dad and Lisa, including a stuffed brachiosaurus he named Lucas.
That night we headed up to the cabin, where we went on several walks, did some biking, and spent some time on the water.

While on Pete and Ami's boat Birch started talking about the worm he was holding (to use as bait). He loves worms, holding worms, handling worms.  He mentioned something to me about what the worm would taste like.  "Don't tell me you want to eat it?" I said to him.  He paused and looked at me. "Can I?"  Gross!!  I told him no way and he better not try.  Silly kid.


The kids set up a rock stand outside the cabin to....sell rocks.
Good thing I had some change!!  They had collected some pretty cool rocks!  At the end of the trip O had a huge bag he had collected, and a pile for each person.  Each pile had specific qualities that Oakley thought each person would like.  He is so thoughtful.
Aspen hugging an Aspen

more boating.  I'm not a boating person, but I do it for my kids.

Found this is Aspen's school papers.  I think she and I need to have a conversation haha!

The weekend after Memorial Day we made it to Wahooz (which was also the last day of school).  It was great!  Birch went on a spinning ride, we did the laser maze together, and the big kids did a ropes course.  Then all three kids rode the bumper boats.

On Saturday Oakley ran the Capitol Classic, a one mile race for kids in downtown Boise.  He's been wanting to do this since Aspen ran it last year!  Eric hung out with him at the starting line
 while Aspen, Birch and I went to the farmer's market and then walked around a bit.  We found this neat WWII cannon the kids wanted to climb on, and Aspen insisted on a serious pose.
O said he ran most or all of the race.  He finished in just over 11 minutes.  Great job Oaks!  We were there at the end to see him finish.
Afterward we grabbed some free cookies, sandwiches and the kids played on a little obstacle course. Then we headed to the zoo.  Phew!  We did a lot to celebrate school being over.  Shows how excited we all are ;)  Photos from the zoo:

Happy summer!!

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Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Wow, what a fun couple of months! Love that your kids are able to experience so many great things! I loved all the sleeping photos :) I was thinking about God and kids the other day too; if people who don't believe in God if they think differently after having kids, because kids are so special and born with their own distinct personalities. I'm so excited for you guys to go to Hawaii! James and I have always wanted to go. I can't wait to see you, Eric and your cute kids next month!