Friday, April 10, 2015

Aspen and I met up with Grammie, Aunt Annie and Aunt Mary recently to watch Disney's new Cinderella movie.  It was everything I had hoped it would be: clean, magical, fun; a perfect movie to see with your little girl.  Oh and Aspen loved it too.
Birch loves accessorizing, and I really mean it.  If one of the kids puts a shirt (or anything else) on his head as a joke he will wear it around all day.  Last week during Spring Break we took the kids out biking, and Birch wore his glasses the whole time, and even inside a store the next day.
We had nice weather during the break so one day we decided to bike downtown on the greenbelt and have a picnic lunch.  We put Birch in the trailer and (thank heavens) he was happy the whole time. We were so grateful!  It could have been a long day.

Birch fell asleep during our ride back to the park, which was perfect because Aspen and Oakley got to play, and Eric and I got to sit for a while.
Two of Eric's close friends from high school came to town that week, which was a real treat for us. Dave, who lives in the D.C. area, came out with one of his boys, as did our friends Dustin and Rachel, currently living in California (all three have previously lived in Boise and we are crossing our fingers they will come back before too long).  We got to meet Dustin and Rachel's precious little girl, Cece, and Birch really took to her.  He really loves babies.

 Dustin, Eric and Dave.  I pinched myself later that I didn't get a picture with Rachel.
My kids sleep in until forever if we let them.  Aspen will sleep until 9:30, same with Oakley.  Birch will sleep until 8:30 or 9:00.  So since it was Spring Break we let them.  Eric took 2 days of the week off to spend with us, and one of those mornings he stepped out for some reason I can't remember. Birch had woken up but the other kids were asleep, so Birch and I cuddled in bed for what I think was an hour and a half.  We just played.  That seems like a really long time now that I look back on it but we had lots of fun.  It was awesome to just be lazy.  And spend time with Aspen, who I just don't see enough of :(

Now that the weather's nicer we were able to walk/bike to church a few weeks ago.  We don't do it as often as we would like (usually 12:30 finds us scrambling to get the kids ready and to finish their lunch, grab activities and snacks, and I usually change my dress a couple times before I'm satisfied. My patient husband!)

I got a new pair of running shoes with our REI dividend.  I love it when March rolls around and that dividend arrives in the mail.  It always covers a new pair of shoes for me, and there's nothing like free shoes!  The last pair I had were Brooks minimalist Pure Connects, which I loved.  They are light yet give my feet enough cushion.  I run on the front of my feet instead of doing a heel strike, so I have to have lighter shoes, and these are perfect.  I've run with this pair 3 times now, and they are just as comfortable as if I'd been wearing them for months!
My Saturday run last week was pretty distracting.  The flowers were in full bloom and I had to keep stopping to take pictures!  

 This is a photo of part of my loop around the park.  Isn't it pretty?
My friend Leslie told me about a farm a few miles away that sells local honey for a great price.  We eat a lot of honey at our house and I am always looking for a great deal on it.  We made the trip and stocked up and then checked out a play area outside the barn, which consisted of a large slide and giant sandbox. We played for about 20 minutes, but then left because I didn't want to overstay our welcome.  The kids were disappointed.

Scentsy has a large Easter egg hunt that hides I don't know how many eggs, but a lot.  The hunt is divided into three age groups: 0-4, 5-8 and 9-11.  Last year all the kids were combined and the older children got most of the eggs.  This year was much better!  The kids also decorated sugar cookies and eggs.  The only pictures I got were of the kids snacking before the hunt.

Here's Birch wearing Oakley's conductor hat.  As I said before, accessories.

Last Friday I somehow was able to get my house to this status of cleanliness.
And here it is the next day.  Kids!

Despite Aspen having long and lovely hair, I am horrible at fixing it.  Every week at church I see my friends' young girls with amazing cascading braids and other styles and my poor Aspen is sporting a messy bun.  I am dedicated to trying harder to learn new styles and to practice them.  Here is a style I saw a friend do on her daughter, and I thought I'd give it a try:

It's okay but I wish I could have figured out how to bring it all the way down her back.  And here is my messy counter telling you oooodles about me.
Despite all my efforts to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I have a huuuuge sweet tooth.  I only allow myself to eat junk food two days a week, but I really enjoy myself those two days!  Easter candy is my favorite candy of all, all that peanut buttery, chocolatey shelled goodness.  I've basically spent all week trying to find the best deals on it, and have bought several stashes.  Today at Walgreens I made an especially thrifty trip and texted Eric about it.  He simply replied, "You have a problem."
To close, a pose from my baby :)


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

I just loved everything about this post, from Birch's accessories to your Easter Candy obsession! ;) I love that about you!! This is the best time of year. xo

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Lucky! Elijah sleeping in is 7:30, Ezra 8:30. Fun post! You have such sweet kids.