Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There's a mom-and-pop place in Boise called Big Bun.  I'm sure I've eaten there a few times since I've lived here, but I don't remember any except the last two.  The first of those was last fall.  Eric and his dad brought some food from there to his parents' house one night when we were watching a football game.  I had ordered a chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato, and it was amazing, due largely to the buns which are large, soft and delicious!
 We met Annie and Rusty there a few weeks ago and it was just as good.  For a special treat, love me some Big Bun! :)
One of the things I am learning from being a parent is to let loose on the things that don't really matter.  When Aspen started kindergarten I spent a decent amount of time getting her ready and having her look very put together every day.  Not anymore.  I do try to pick out cute things for her to wear (she likes it when I pick out her clothes), but that's about it, and she usually accessorizes with whatever mismatching items she can, including and especially her socks.
The other day she was complaining of her foot bothering her, so I let her take a slipper to school to wear if absolutely necessary.  When I went to pick her up she came running to the car like this (see above photo).  It made me laugh so hard.  Another time I had put her hair up in two messy buns (my specialty) and at the end of the day one of them had come out.  I laughed then too.  (Sorry for the blurry photo).

In the back of the car we have a gallon of emergency water and a first aid kit.  I came out to the car the other day to find that Eric and neatly secured them in the trunk cubby to keep them from sliding all over the car every time we turned.  What a smart husband!
I like having lots of library books around the house.  Its hard for me to get the energy to take all the kids to the library, but every few weeks it happens and I stock up.  Our library now has these cute handy carts that the kids can push, and last time I had the kids choose their own books and place them in their respective carts.  It was wonderful: instead of the me darting through the isles to find books while trying to keep my eyes on the kids as they played, they had fun choosing books themselves. We always get a lot of books; I look ridiculous trying to carry our loaded bag out the doors.  But it's worth it!

The other day Aspen came home from school because she wasn't feeling well.  She went to her room and ended up taking a nap (which never ever ever happens).  It was also during Birch's nap and Oakley's quiet time.  After a while I realized things were quieter than normal, and that Oakley had fallen asleep too.  I couldn't believe it; I don't think that has ever happened.

     Poor sick little Roo.  Here she is chatting with me on Oakley's bunk bed.                                      
Embarrassingly my irises have gone so many years without being split they can't even stand up straight.   I'm sorry irises!  And you've been so good to me, too.  This fall, I promise!
We put a paper bag on Birch's head the other day and it was quite hilarious. Wish I had more photos. He loved chasing us around with it on.
The kids are taking horseback riding lessons from some of our friends.  Papa and Grammy met us at a lesson last Saturday and the kids had a great time hiding from us in the grass while they were off the horse, Skippy.  Aspen especially really has a place in her heart for him.

Mother's Day was wonderful.  Eric made pancakes for breakfast, the women in our church congregation received some delectable local chocolates (mmmmm!), and Eric and Pete made us ladies some steak and rolls for dinner.  I wish I had gotten a photo with the kids.
Eric, the kids and I spent the evening playing badminton with Annie and Rusty, which reminded me of my amazing racquetball skills.........
I know I post a lot of park photos, but we do spend a decent amount of time at the parks near our house.  And when we went yesterday it was overcast and made for some great shots of the boys. :)

I have mentioned before that Aspen can sleep anywhere; well here she is snoozing on a piece of cardboard.  I rest my case!


Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Cute post, Chelsi. Oh how I miss you and your adorable family! Thanks for sharing the real, crazy & fun times!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Your irises are beautiful!! And I love the library pics. I wish ours had those cute little carts! Miss you! :)