Thursday, June 25, 2015

Here are some highlights of the last month in my life:
 1. Riding bikes with the kids before it gets too hot.
 2. Aspen's facial expressions.

 3. Going to Aspen's end-of-the-year party, just the two of us.  Every year Galileo has a silent auction, and sends out a list of items to be auctioned off the week beforehand.  Eric saw there was a fly rod going up, and told me I should bid on it because it would probably sell for cheap (thinking no one would bid on it) and we could feel good about contributing to the school but not go into debt.  I sent him this when I got to the school:

 He changed his mind.
4. Hanging with the boys at Fred Meyer before starting our grocery shopping trip.
 5.  Almost getting killed by this humungous, flesh eating spider we found on the kitchen table one afternoon.  This photo doesn't do it justice.  It was terrifying.  I called Eric and he talked me through putting it on a fly swatter and tossing it outside.  I lived in fear the next few days of seeing another one.  (I am not very scared of spiders, having grown up with them all over our rural home, but this one was the size of my thumb and it had green eyes)!
 6.  Peeking in on the children before Eric and I turn in for the night.

 7.  Taking Birch to the park while the kids were in school/preschool.  Being twins with our shades.
 8.  Seeing Aspen perform in her music program.  I cried when they sang a song about mothers.  Why? Why must they do that to us?
 9. Birch turning 2 at the end of May.  More like a drag for me (snif) but we had a fun time celebrating at the cabin over Memorial Day.
 10.  Watching the kids play with their Uncle Rusty, who took them out on his boat.   And gave them piggyback rides.

 11.  Taking photos of my kiddos in the serene, mountainous Cascade setting.

 12.  Hot springing with the family. (That's very much a word).

 (leaving the hot springs)
 13.  Hiking with Eric and the kids (I have got to do better at taking photos of my husband!).
 14.  Seeing the kids in this ensemble:  the shorts and rain boots thing really works for me.  I think its adorable.  We thought it was going to be rainy the whole time we were there, but it ended up being really nice instead.

 15.  Teaching Birch how to "wash" the car with a squeegee.
 16.  Play time at Grammy and Papa's.
17.  Spending time with Dad and Lisa on their trips to McCall.  This time they stayed the night with us, which was a treat.
18.  Aspen's facial expressions.

 19.  Taking my boys to a dinosaur exhibit at Expo Idaho while Eric and Aspen were in Arizona visiting a new niece.  Look at their faces!  It was completely worth every penny.  And what can I say?  I'm a pretty big dinosaur fan myself which doesn't hurt.
20.  Here we go!  I found this one of Eric.  He's my number 20. :)

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Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

So many great photos Chelsi!!!