Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Going to work backwards again today.  Slowly figuring out how to blog again with my new phone! Eric and I went backpacking to celebrate our 11 year anniversary.  We weren't sure Pete and Ami would be able to watch the kids for us until a few days before, so it was kind of thrown together last minute.  But they were and so we made it happen.  We like to backpack together every couple years together because its really good for our relationship.  We get so much time to talk, plus explore together and just get away from everything.  Its therapeutic to say the least!  
We decided go hike Loon Lake up near McCall.  Eric went up there years ago with his dad, but I'd never been there.  The photos looked beautiful, plus there's a crashed WWII bomber just off the lake that I really wanted to see.  Can't beat a little history wherever you can find it!
The round trip hike is about 11 miles.  We started about 3:00 and were at our campsite around dinnertime.  As usual though, we added a mile to our hike because we couldn't find the right trail to the lake.  This is becoming a pattern, I've noticed.  We must be cursed!! Truth is I didn't mind too much; bring on those Fitbit steps!!  We pitched our tent and had dinner, then started our walk to the bomber.
 Okay, this is where things get dicey.  Turns out the trail we took to the bomber stopped after we'd gone about half way.  After that we were hopping logs that rested over a huge marsh.  I was so sure I was going to fall (I'm not afraid of heights but for some reason jumping from one thing to another, or balancing above water freaks me out), but was able to cross the marsh on both feet.  I just followed Eric.  Then we had to cross this log over the lake....after a few steps I knelt down and hugged the log in a pathetic crawl to the other side.  Eric was so good to keep a straight face and not make fun of me.
The bomber was awesome.  A short summary of its history is that in 1943 eight airmen were flying across Idaho when they lost their way in a storm (it was January).  They saw a clearing below and headed for a water landing on Loon Lake.  All eight survived the landing, and four days later three of them decided to find help, the others staying at the crash site.  Fourteen days and 42 miles later, they reached a guard station and radioed for help.  A few days before, a local bush pilot had spotted the wreckage at the lake and made several flights to rescue the survivors there.  All eight men made it through the ordeal.  I'm so glad the story had a happy ending.  I could enjoy the wreckage that much more ;)
By the time we got back to our tent (taking a better trail this time), it was bedtime.  Thankfully, the day had been breezy so there were few mosquitos.  We happened to have a visitor hang around us though, a red fox.  It would have entered our tent if had been open.  We were eating dinner and it came right up to us, looking for a free handout.  We saw it again the next morning before we left.  It was really beautiful.  We asked it what it said, but got no answer, wink wink.

The next day's hike back was gorgeous!!  We followed the Sesech river all the way back to the trailhead.  The water and trees kept us nice and cool.

 lookin' good....

 Let's do it again sometime honey
 Pete and Ami have been grabbing one of the kids one day each week for a date.  Here's B on his date.  I wonder if he ate that whole shaved ice by himself!
One day after church I told Oaks to change his pants and put on some shoes.  This is what he put on, and wore it all day.   He is so cute.  He's also a big stinker.  He's going through a phase right now where he hates everything I make for dinner.  Every night he asks me what we're having, and then whines, "I hate that!  I don't want that for dinner."  Sometimes it makes me really sad and discouraged, but I know it's just a phase.  One time we had pasta dumplings for dinner, and he hated them too.  Dumplings! I was about ready to feed him bread and water for the next week, but managed to pull myself together and reconsider after an hour or two.
Sasha and James came out for a visit a few weeks ago.  It was so great.  I wish they were still here. We had some pool time the day after they came, and of course we had lunch at Scentsy with Eric. On Saturday we had a picnic at the park and then walked to the river where the kids threw rocks for a long time.  I think God created rocks for kids.

Sasha and I went on a run Saturday morning.  It was overcast and cooler, which we really appreciated.  I took her on my favorite running route.  I miss having a running companion; there's nothing like a run and a chat with a friend, happening at the same time.  My friend Brandi and I used to go on long runs together, but she has since moved further away.  I miss those runs.  So it was great to have some sister chat/run time with Sasha.
Oakley got this huge plane on a date with his grandparents.  Its so huge its actually pretty funny, but he and Eric can get it in the air, doing flips.  I love how Ezra is making a line with his cones in the background.  Wonder what he was thinking.
 Photos are jumping around; here we are trying to find the lake.
Here are the photos from our Scentsy lunch.   The kids had to cram into the telephone booth downstairs, of course.
Playing with the rocks near the fountain.  The boys all got along so well; much better than previous times.

 Pretty sis!
 The kids took off and ran in the field like crazies, so we adults could sit and talk.

 James took some fun photos of Sash and me.

 Sleeping beauties :)
 A few fourth of July photos......

So the weekend before the 4th we headed up to Cascade.  Eric's parents wanted to prep the cabin for some remodeling they're having done, so I took the kids away for part of the day to give them some room to work.  It was SO much fun.  10 years ago when Eric and I lived in Cascade for the summer, we rode our bikes past this cute little ghost town called Roseberry.  It was a bustling town a hundred years ago, but now is super tiny and quiet, with historic buildings dotting the town.  In the middle of the town is a general store, which was closed when we rode by.  We peeked in the windows and it looked so charming!  Made to look like it did all those years ago when the town was thriving.  I thought it would be fun to take the kids out there to see if the general store was open, and to grab some ice cream along the way.

 I wanted to take the kids to an old Finnish Cemetery that I'd seen when we lived there, but went the wrong way and ended up seeing signs for a different one.  We got out and did some exploring but the graves weren't as old as I'd thought.  I think the earliest one was from the late 19th century.  We still had fun though, and had a deep conversation about living a life to be proud of.  I hope it sunk in a little.
When we got to Roseberry it was packed with people.  Because of the holiday there was a craft fair there, and all the historic buildings were open, including the general store.  I finally got to go inside and it was just as I'd hoped.  Lots of historic items inside, plus tin toys for sale.  I found out the owner of the store in 1905 was a man named McDougal, and I had seen a McDougal family at the cemetery; maybe the same ones?  We then went into this cute little church.  The organ on the right was hands-off; a very old one.
 After going through a few more buildings (Aspen loved exploring them; it made me really happy) we headed off to the Finnish cemetery.  One of the women working at the general store had told me how to find it.  Here it is above.  Isn't it quaint?  On the right is the church, and the cemetery is on the left. The kids were pretty tired at this point and ready for some ice cream, so we didn't get out.  Next time. We didn't get to see the craft fair either; the kids and I decided to make Roseberry a 4th of July tradition!!
 Back at the cabin for s'mores and butterfly catching.

I got Eric a hammock for Christmas.  I was hoping he'd like it, but I don't remember him mentioning he wanted one; I just took a guess.  He loves it, and here's a picture he took one evening from his hammock view.
The kids finished swim lessons.  B misses swimming at "Karen's pool", so he must have ended up enjoying himself.  Swim lessons goes by so fast.  I'm thinking of having the kids take two sessions next year.  There's a little ice cream hut in the yard where there are treats for purchase.  We got the kids some monster popsicles on their last day.  The only kind they had left were lemon/lime.  I had a taste of Aspen's when we got in the car and they were deeeeeeelicious!!  I'm kicking myself I didn't try one sooner, and now have to wait a whole year to buy one for myself!  I guess I can scout them out at the store, but they came from a box so I don't know the brand/name.
We've had a lot of fun visitors this summer.  Friends and family.  Eric's high school/college buddy Tyler, and his really awesome wife Christie came out a few weeks ago.  We met up for shakes and a walk through the park one evening.  We had a really great time.  Tyler and Christie are hoping to end up in Boise in the next few years; we're hoping sooner than later!!
Most nights when I tuck Aspen in she has a smirk on her face.  She looks like she's pretending to sleep, but she really is just smiling in her sleep.  Its sweet.
 Eric's gotten a couple letters addressed to him as Eric Titter.  Hahaha!
 O and his daddy wrestling
Oakley's friend Toby has the same jammies as him; cute coincidence!


Demri Kuykendall said...

"I think God made rocks for kids..."
Love that.
Fun read Chels. Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer. Eric and I might have to followork in your footsteps (no pun intended) on that backpacking trip in McCall. Gorgeous!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Eric Titter! Haha! I can't stop laughing...